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We know that if you haven't come with us to enjoy a surfing holiday yet, it's difficult for you trust us only with our presentation. That's why we invite you to read the opinions of some of our regular and sporadic clients. We hope that with our customer testimonials you're gonna finally decide to try, for us it will be a great satisfaction.

They say:

Luis Zenoni
Travel Agent


Fito and his crew are among the best in town. They are always ready to offer the best experiences and know where and when to be, making sure their guests will never miss the best conditions. Also, Fito is the best tube rider around, pushing the limits inside the barrels. Cars are good and reliable, making even the soft sands look like airstrips. Give Mareño a go and you will not regret.
Ken Wu

United States

Fantastic experience. Fito and Gabriel took great care of us and ensured that our trip was seamless. Everything from airport transportation, meals, and scoring waves was handled professionally. Highly recommend them.
Pancho Lopes


Fito and Gabi always take good care of us and keep the best vibes. Guarantee best cost benefit in Salina Cruz. Will be back soon!
Brandon Kampschuur
Barrel rider

United Estates

Trip was great. Fito was eager to get us to the best waves everyday. The big difference between Fito and most other guides/camps is that Fito surfs and wants to get barreled too, so you know he will go where is best. because he is a local he knows all the beachbreaks if the swell is small, too. we started early, up at 6am, and surfed all day, coming back to the house/hotel ~9pm after a dinner. We ate good, healthy food for breakfast and had fantastic Oaxacan restaurant meals in the evenings.
I recommend Mareño Surf Tours to anyone who is serious about first and foremost surfing their brains out while they are in Salina Cruz.
Otavio Borges


Salina is one of the best spots which I surfed. Fito has all the facilities and knowledge to put you on the right place in the right time. Furthermore, he is a nice buddy.
Adam Taylor


I’ve been surfing with Fito and Mareño surf tours for the past five years and it’s always the best trip I take each year. Fito and his knowledgeable staff go above and beyond to get you into the best waves the region has to offer. I will be coming back year after year to score good waves and good times. Aloha!
João Furlanetto


É a terceira temporada que o Fito me guia em Salina Cruz e além de se tornar um grande amigo, é um excelente surfista e tem muito conhecimento do local. Sabe exatamente onde estão quebrando as melhores ondas, baseado no vento e direção de swell.
Mohcine Chaouki


One of the best surf trips of my life and it is a direct result of Fito's local surf experience. He knows where you need to be and all the locals respect him in the water or around town. So no matter what surf trip expectations, you may have (Beginner or Pros). No one can deliver better than Fito. His crew, for when he is not there is second to none especially. Shout out to "Gabi (Grabriel)" Always there to help and assist in any way possible to help us score the best waves possible and all with a smile. Like they say: "No te preocupe Primo! Todo es bien!!!" 2 days ago, We scored the best waves/barrells machine of my life with only our crew of 5. One of the most memorable surf trip I have been on.!!!
Gracias Fito, Gabi, and todo la familia de Mareño Surf Tours.... Fito you are the man!!!
Super stoked!
Carlos Ostjen


Ótimo serviço. Fui muito bem atendido e peguei altas ondas. Recomendo!
Mark Gadbois
Bee Man Removal and Relocation

California, United Estates.

Fito and Mareño Surf Tours has been my one and only tour guides and company on numerous trips to this wave rich land. Fito and his crew have always taken great care of the "professionallll" when I'm down in Salina Cruz. Always am in good hands, is on time and cares about his clients and, most importantly, he makes sure they SCORE waves... You'll be well taken care of!!!